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RGE International has offices in South Africa, West & East Europe, and the United States of America. The company consists of five divisions:


The international connections and affiliations of RGE enable to supply a cosmopolitan team of professionals, a team of sworn translators working with subject matter specialists, to translate in a multitude of languages.

May it be novels, technical reports, feasibility studies, legal documents, scientific research summaries, IT releases any many more the RGE team can do it.

Work is performed diligently, accurately and in accordance with the original document.

We have a widespread range of languages among them are:
French, German, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese (3 ), West, East and Central African languages and many more.

We also offer corporate practical language course which are developed to suit the needs of the organisation. These are custom designed to befit the actual required outcome.

RGE has, for the past eleven years, translated documents and assisted with interpreting for various organisations and companies.


With extensive business experience and contact in countries from the former Soviet Union: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Latvia, etc as well as West and Central African Countries: Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, DRC, etc RGE has the resources to offer full assistance to companies conducting business in those parts of the world. In-depth knowledge of the local laws, i.e. labour, fiscal, import/export documentation, etc as well as a vast team of multi-lingual specialists, i.e. engineers, accountant, technicians, site staff, ease the day to day business demands of the foreign investors.


Because of its extensive Human Resources experience in various countries around the world RGE has the expertise to assist with, i.e. Structuring, Designing Systems & Procedures, Job Descriptions, Job Grading Assistance, Employment Contracts - which are in line with both the countries' Labour Laws and the Companies' policies. We offer independent Assessments, Performance Profiling & Management, Training Needs Analysis, Job Evaluations etc. to companies conducting business in many parts of the world. In-depth knowledge of the local laws, i.e. labour, fiscal, etc as well as a vast team of multi-lingual specialists eases the burden for our clients.


With world-wide connections, RGE is able to provide prime staff to suit your particular requirements.

All staff is selected with maximum concern in order to match all specific needs of the organisation, ensuring competence, reliability and peak performance.

Psychometric evaluations are performed on request.

Candidates are screened by specialist in their discipline to ascertain competency and all character references are taken emphatically and discreetly. RGE's extensive database offers i.e. Engineers, Project Management, Financial, Business Development, Site Supervision, IT, H.R. Our candidates are working in South Africa, various West African countries, North & Central African countries, Russia, Eastern Europe, France, Belgium, Vietnam, Canada, etc.


RGE's programmes are tailored to attain specific organisational objectives. RGE stays in touch with modern concepts, operating a culture-fair approach within the behavioural and cognitive scopes.

Through a world-wide networking system RGE is able to add a significant role in the development of the organisations. Training programmes are continually being reviewed and developed to cater for today's business needs. RGE works towards improving the human performance at work consequently, assisting the organisational strategic plan.

Most programmes may be presented in various languages, i.e. French, Russian, Portuguese, West & Central African languages (4 in total), etc

A few examples of our programmes: Performance Management, Project Management, Supervisory Expertise, Interpersonal Communication, Negotiations & Conflict Handling, etc.

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